Home Safety & Security Checklist

Fresno Locksmith Home Safety Checklist

Fresno Locksmith Home Safety Checklist

Paxton Locksmithing would like to offer the following ideas to help you identify potential problems around your home If you live in Fresno or Clovis Ca you can follow this checklist and call us with any concerns you feel may need to be addressed. We can be reached by phone at (559) 283-6340 or by email at jan@paxtonlocksmithing.com

The following is a survey that will help you identify security gaps that a potential burglar may take advantage of.


Home Exterior



Hire A California State Licensed Locksmith For Car Unlocks

Think just anyone can open your car…without damaging it?

Before you call out the lowest bidder consider the damage they may do to your vehicle to open it.

If your hiring a Fresno Locksmith or Clovis Locksmith they should be licensed with the state and be able to show you their state license, Don’t take their word for it ask to see their license.

Locksmiths have the right tools and knowledge to get into vehicles without damage. Unlock services are not state licensed not insured and are not properly trained in most cases to get your car opened without damage.

Here are a couple of photos of a vehicle opened or should we say attempted to be opened by a non-professional that caused hundreds of dollars in damage.

hire a licensed locksmith

Locksmith Fresno Ca

Door Damage Done By An Unlicensed Person.

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Automotive Dealers – The Only Ones That Can Make Your Keys Myth

The automotive dealers in the area would like you to think they are the only ones that can make keys to your vehicle and nothing could be further than the truth.


Rogue locksmiths target desperate victims with high-tech tactics



This doesn’t just happen in the central valley, this is a nation wide swindle. Don’t fall victim to unlicensed or untrustworthy people claiming to be locksmiths claiming low prices to get your business. If you can’t get a upfront quote for getting your home or vehicle door unlocked hang up the phone. The scams begin with a super low quote like $19 to come out or $19 to come out and the technician will let you know when he arrives how much it will be.

Get a full quote up front over the phone. There is no reason they have to look at your car or house to see how much it would be to unlock the doors.

Hire a professional state licensed locksmith for all of your Fresno locksmith and Clovis locksmith needs. Call Paxton Locksmithing at 559-283-6340 our California State Locksmith License Number is LCO4821.


Locked Out? Call Us First.

Fresno Area Locksmith Paxton LocksmithingIf your locked out of your house or apartment please call Paxton Locksmithing first. We can get you into your house without causing any permanent damage to your door or lock.

In this picture the resident tried for over an hour to get into their home and then called Paxton Locksmithing. This is what I observed when I arrived.



Cell Phone Remote Vehicle Unlocks “Myth”

phones used to unlock cars?

Recently I was asked by someone that was locked out of their vehicle if they could use a cell phone and hold it up to their car and have someone else that had the remote in another location press the unlock buttons and have the signal transmit through the cell phones to unlock the car.

This caller was convinced it could be accomplished because they watched a video on the internet showing it working.

Fact is that the remote has to be at the vehicle to unlock it.

If you are locked out of you vehicle any where in the Fresno California area call Paxton Locksmithing and we will be glad to come out and unlock your vehicle for you.

This was also proven to be a false myth on Myth Busters. click here to visit the video page of this busted myth.


Make Sure Your Door Bell Works

fresno locksmith paxton locksmithing door bell

Many criminals often ring your door bell to test and see if your at home.

When no one answers they begin to look for a way in.

Don’t let a broken door bell lead to an unwanted face to face encounter with a burglar.

Paxton Locksmithing recommends that one of the many things you should do to help secure your home is to test your door bell and make sure it works before that unwanted visitor does.

For other safety tips please visit our webpage at http://www.paxtonlocksmithing.com/home_safety_tipsor read more of our blogs in this matter. Paxton locksmithing is a Fresno Locksmith serving many central valley locations please feel free to contact us online,email or by phone.

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Do You Have A Worn Out Key?

When you try to turn on your ignition do you have to wiggle it to get it to turn?

Your Key may be worn out. Have a locksmith make you a new key cut back to factory specifications before you cause your ignition to break or your key to break in your ignition.

In this photo you can see that the key on the right was worn out and forced in the ignition then broke causing a costly charge to go out and remove the broken key from the ignition. The key on the left is cut back to factory specifications and works much better in the ignition than the old worn out key.

Do not go to the hardware store to make a copy of your worn out key. Your copy would still be worn out and that will slowly cause damage to your ignition.

Paxton Locksmithing a Fresno Locksmith that services the central valley can help you with your worn out keys, and if your vehicle has a transponder system with chipped keys we can program the new ones for you as well. Give us a call at (559) 283-6340 or visit us on the web at www.paxtonlocksmithing.com


BBB warning On Locksmith Company Scams

Here is yet another example of locksmith companies using bait and switch tactics to rip off the public.

Bait and Switch Locksmith Scams

If you are locked out of your home, office or Vehicle in Fresno, Clovis or any other central valley location make sure you get an upfront price for the work before you have any locksmith come out. Any honest locksmith company knows how much the total price will be and will be able to give you that quote over the phone before they come out and before the work has begun.

If you get an operator that says there is a $19 service call and the technician will be able to tell you how much to open your door once he gets there, simply tell them no thanks and hang up the phone and call Paxton Locksmithing at 559-283-6340. No locksmith company calls there locksmiths “Technicians”. Call centers that run organized locksmith scams use that term.

Also make sure your locksmith is licensed with the state of California and ask them for their license and ID when they arrive, the locksmith should also ask you for ID when opening any door for you.


Credit Cards Used To Open Doors

fresno locksmith credit card door unlocking

Have you seen in the movies where someone takes out a credit card and then uses it to unlock a door? Think this is fake and only happens in the movies?

Think again, using the wrong locks for your outside doors to your home or business or improperly installed strike plates can leave your home or business open to these types of attacks to gain entry. If your unsure about how protected you really are with your current locks contact Paxton Locksmithing to have us do a full home security inspection.




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