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Home Security Tips

Fresno Locksmith - Burglar Outside Home

Don't be a Victim

Below is a checklist of actions to take to secure your home.

  1. Do exterior lights illuminate all entrances to your home?
  2. Is shrubbery kept trimmed so a burglar can’t hide near windows and doors?
  3. Are garage doors kept closed and locked at all times?
  4. Are exterior doors made of solid core construction (including door leading from garage to house)?
  5. Is there a peephole viewer (1800) on the front door?
  6. Are sliding glass doors secured with auxiliary locks or pinned, and are screws in the track to prevent removal of doors?
  7. Are exterior doors secured with a deadbolt lock (single or double cylinder) with a minimum 1 inch throw
  8. Are windows secured with auxiliary keyed locks or pinned with a nail?
  9. Do you report suspicious persons or activity in the neighborhood to the police immediately?
  10. Are doors locked at all times?
  11. Are your valuables marked with your  driver’s license number and do you have a record of them with complete serial number, make and model?

If you have any questions about your home security feel free to contact Paxton Locksmithing at (559) 283-6340 or visit us on the web at


Thief’s Use Social Media For Burglaries

With all the social media like Facebook,Twitter or MySpace sharing what your doing is becoming more and more common. Paxton Locksmithing strongly advises to think twice about the content your about to share.

Back before social media, the old school burglar would have to drive around neighborhoods “casing” out homes looking for signs that someone was away on vacation. Now that is becoming a thing of the past, Social media has allowed the professional burglars to find their targets in the comfort of their home sitting in front of their computers.

They now know when your out,where your at and how long you will be gone. How you ask? Facebook for example you will find updates on members profile with minute to minute updates like “going to the gym” or “leaving to watch a movie” or “Leaving for a week to Hawaii”.

Please think about what your posting on social media for your safety.



Sliding-Glass Patio Door Security

sliding glass door fresno locksmiths adviseSliding glass doors are secured by latches not locks. They are vulnerable to being forced open from the outside because of these inherently defective latch mechanisms. This can be easily be prevented by inserting a wooden dowel or stick into the track thus preventing or limiting movement. Other blocking devices available are metal fold-down blocking devices called “charley bars” and various track-blockers that can be screwed down.

The blocking devices described above solves half the equation. Older sliding glass doors can be lifted up and off their track and thereby defeat the latch mechanism. To prevent lifting, you need to keep the door rollers in good condition and properly adjusted. You can also install anti-lift devices such as a pin that extends through both the sliding and fixed portion of the door. There are also numerous locking and blocking devices available that will prevent a sliding door from being lifted or forced horizontally.

  • Use a secondary blocking device on all sliding glass doors
  • Keep the latch mechanism in good condition and properly adjusted
  • Keep sliding door rollers in good condition and properly adjusted
  • Use anti-lift devices such as through-the-door pins or upper track screws


Don’t Forget The Deadbolt

Fresno Locksmith Deadbolt InstallationMany homes don’t have a deadbolt installed on the outside door to their garage, Many feel that they don’t need it because its just a garage. Burglars choose this door more times than not to gain entry into your home. Why you ask? Without a deadbolt installed on a door it just doesn’t take much force to kick in the door with a knob lock protecting it alone,as a matter of fact we have seen instances with just a little bit of force being applied to the knob lock the door can be popped open with no damage at all. Once they gain entry to the garage they have the protection and privacy they need to work on your door leading into your home without anyone being able to see them.

Adding a deadbolt to all doors in your home is highly recommended. When installing them make sure that the bolt extends all the way into the frame of the door,if it doesn’t the bolt is not deadlocked and can be pushed from the outside into the unlocked position, Also use 3″ screws to secure the strike plate into the frame so it is secured by the studs of the building for extra support.

Deadbolts are not something you want to try and save your money on, Compare the quality of materials to a deadbolt that may cost $9 to one that may cost $49. The quality deadbolts are made out of stronger materials that will resist attacks to your doors as well as last much longer during normal use.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Paxton Locksmithing (559) 283-6340 or by E-mail at


Hiding Your House Keys Outside

Many people do it, They see the products at the store that look like a small rock or a garden sprinkler with a place inside it to hide your house key. It is very tempting to hide a house key outside to help you get back inside your home when you lock yourself out.

Unfortunately, thief’s look for these items  and look for other popular hiding places for keys, like under the doormat or on top of your outside door frame. Statistics show that 30 % of home burglaries happen without forced entry,They used a key to get in or simply found an unlocked door or window.

To help with this problem consider installing an electronic access device with keypad entry. There are various styles of deadbolts and knobs with this feature to allow you to enter your home without the need of a key.

Schlage Keypad Entry Products

Schlage Keypad Entry Products


Do you know who has your house keys?

When you purchased your home did you have the locks changed? Do you know who might have keys to your home? If you have not changed the locks to your home since you moved in you should consider having the locks re-keyed. This is a cost saving method of changing the parts inside your existing locks so the old key will no longer work and newly cut keys will now operate your locks.

It is not uncommon for the old home owners to have given out keys to your locks to neighbors,children or other family members as well as construction workers, house keepers and real estate agents, not to mention did they ever loose their keys?

For your family’s safety and your peace of mind please consider re-keying your homes locks if you are not 100 % sure who has copies of your keys.



Fake Locksmith Companies Ripping Off The Public

Here is a video from Today with a perfect example of just one type of fake locksmith companies Scam and what to look out for.

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Broke Your Key?

It has happened to all of us at least once, You put your key into your lock and turn only to feel your key break off inside the lock.

This is the point you should call a locksmith before you cause damages to your lock that can’t be fixed.

We have seen people that have broke their key inside their ignition cylinder and try to remove it by using screw drivers,hammers tooth picks and other items only to cause irreversible damages to their locks causing them to have to be removed and replaced at a great expense.

The best advise we can give you is to call a professional first.


There are no $15 Locksmiths

Locksmith Scams

Don't Be Fooled

Sorry to tell you this, But if you are searching for a locksmith company that advertises they are $15 or even $25 locksmiths you will be ripped off. They use this tactic to get you to call them but when they arrive you will end up paying hundreds more. More than what a legitimate locksmith would ever charge you.

What company in this day and age would be able to make ends meet if they only charged $15 to come to you and provide a service? It would cost more than that in fuel alone.

The best thing you can do is to search for a legitimate California State Licensed Locksmith now while your reading this and program their phone number into your phone before an emergency happens and you find one of the scammers.

Paxton Locksmithing serves the central valley! (559) 283-6340

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