Hiding Your House Keys Outside

Many people do it, They see the products at the store that look like a small rock or a garden sprinkler with a place inside it to hide your house key. It is very tempting to hide a house key outside to help you get back inside your home when you lock yourself out.

Unfortunately, thief’s look for these itemsĀ  and look for other popular hiding places for keys, like under the doormat or on top of your outside door frame. Statistics show that 30 % of home burglaries happen without forced entry,They used a key to get in or simply found an unlocked door or window.

To help with this problem consider installing an electronic access device with keypad entry. There are various styles of deadbolts and knobs with this feature to allow you to enter your home without the need of a key.

Schlage Keypad Entry Products

Schlage Keypad Entry Products

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