Don’t Forget The Deadbolt

Fresno Locksmith Deadbolt InstallationMany homes don’t have a deadbolt installed on the outside door to their garage, Many feel that they don’t need it because its just a garage. Burglars choose this door more times than not to gain entry into your home. Why you ask? Without a deadbolt installed on a door it just doesn’t take much force to kick in the door with a knob lock protecting it alone,as a matter of fact we have seen instances with just a little bit of force being applied to the knob lock the door can be popped open with no damage at all. Once they gain entry to the garage they have the protection and privacy they need to work on your door leading into your home without anyone being able to see them.

Adding a deadbolt to all doors in your home is highly recommended. When installing them make sure that the bolt extends all the way into the frame of the door,if it doesn’t the bolt is not deadlocked and can be pushed from the outside into the unlocked position, Also use 3″ screws to secure the strike plate into the frame so it is secured by the studs of the building for extra support.

Deadbolts are not something you want to try and save your money on, Compare the quality of materials to a deadbolt that may cost $9 to one that may cost $49. The quality deadbolts are made out of stronger materials that will resist attacks to your doors as well as last much longer during normal use.

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