Thief’s Use Social Media For Burglaries

With all the social media like Facebook,Twitter or MySpace sharing what your doing is becoming more and more common. Paxton Locksmithing strongly advises to think twice about the content your about to share.

Back before social media, the old school burglar would have to drive around neighborhoods “casing” out homes looking for signs that someone was away on vacation. Now that is becoming a thing of the past, Social media has allowed the professional burglars to find their targets in the comfort of their home sitting in front of their computers.

They now know when your out,where your at and how long you will be gone. How you ask? Facebook for example you will find updates on members profile with minute to minute updates like “going to the gym” or “leaving to watch a movie” or “Leaving for a week to Hawaii”.

Please think about what your posting on social media for your safety.


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