BBB warning On Locksmith Company Scams

Here is yet another example of locksmith companies using bait and switch tactics to rip off the public.

Bait and Switch Locksmith Scams

If you are locked out of your home, office or Vehicle in Fresno, Clovis or any other central valley location make sure you get an upfront price for the work before you have any locksmith come out. Any honest locksmith company knows how much the total price will be and will be able to give you that quote over the phone before they come out and before the work has begun.

If you get an operator that says there is a $19 service call and the technician will be able to tell you how much to open your door once he gets there, simply tell them no thanks and hang up the phone and call Paxton Locksmithing at 559-283-6340. No locksmith company calls there locksmiths “Technicians”. Call centers that run organized locksmith scams use that term.

Also make sure your locksmith is licensed with the state of California and ask them for their license and ID when they arrive, the locksmith should also ask you for ID when opening any door for you.

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