Do You Have A Worn Out Key?

When you try to turn on your ignition do you have to wiggle it to get it to turn?

Your Key may be worn out. Have a locksmith make you a new key cut back to factory specifications before you cause your ignition to break or your key to break in your ignition.

In this photo you can see that the key on the right was worn out and forced in the ignition then broke causing a costly charge to go out and remove the broken key from the ignition. The key on the left is cut back to factory specifications and works much better in the ignition than the old worn out key.

Do not go to the hardware store to make a copy of your worn out key. Your copy would still be worn out and that will slowly cause damage to your ignition.

Paxton Locksmithing a Fresno Locksmith that services the central valley can help you with your worn out keys, and if your vehicle has a transponder system with chipped keys we can program the new ones for you as well. Give us a call at (559) 283-6340 or visit us on the web at

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