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Home Safety & Security Checklist

Fresno Locksmith Home Safety Checklist

Fresno Locksmith Home Safety Checklist

Paxton Locksmithing would like to offer the following ideas to help you identify potential problems around your home If you live in Fresno or Clovis Ca you can follow this checklist and call us with any concerns you feel may need to be addressed. We can be reached by phone at (559) 283-6340 or by email at

The following is a survey that will help you identify security gaps that a potential burglar may take advantage of.


Home Exterior

___  Shrubbery (Shouldn’t be high enough for a burglar to hide behind – or too near windows or doors.)

___ Trees (Shouldn’t be positioned so a burglar can use them to climb into a window.)

___ House numbers. (Should be clearly visible from the street.)

___ Entrance visibility (Should allow all entrances to be seen clearly from the street or other public area.)

___ Lighting (Should be near the garage or other parking area.)

___ Ladders (Shouldn’t be in the yard in clear view.)

___ Mailbox (Should be locked or otherwise secured, and should either show no name, or a first initial and the last name.)

___ Windows (Should be secured against being forced open, but should allow for an easy emergency exit.)

___ Window air conditioners (Should be bolted down or otherwise protected from being removed.)

___ Door Bell (Should be fully functioning)


Exterior Doors and Locks

___ Door material (Should be solid hardwood,Fiberglass,PVC, or Metal.)

___ Door frames (Should allow doors to fit snugly.)

___ Door glazing (Shouldn’t allow someone to gain entry by breaking it and reaching in.)

___ Door viewer (Every door without glazing should have a wide-angle door viewer or other device to see visitors.)

___ Hinges (Should be either inside the door or protected from outside removal.)

___ Deadbolts (Should be single cylinder, with a free spinning cylinder guard, and a bolt with a 1-inch throw that extends it’s full length into the door frame and has an hardened insert.)

___ Door openings, including mail slots, pet entrances, and other access areas (Shouldn’t allow a person to gain access through them.)

___ Sliding glass doors (Should had the movable panel mounted on the interior side, and a bat or other obstruction in the track.)